NP_Print plug-in not working.

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NP_Print plug-in not working.

Postby jdunlop » Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:03 pm

With my upgrade to Php 5.4.3 and the LMNucleus fork, the plugin NP_Print doesn't seem to work any more.

I have re-installed it but when I try to print an item page, it just displays code instead.

The first bit of code displayed is :

getName(); $BlogURL = $b->getURL(); // Get the original plugin again

Which is found in the print.php file as :

$Blogname = $b->getName();
$BlogURL = $b->getURL();

// Get the original plugin again ...

And all it seems to be doing is returning the string “Print” from the NP_Print.php file using the getname function.

class NP_Print extends NucleusPlugin {

function getName() { return 'Print'; }
function getAuthor() { return 'Rodrigo Moraes'; }
function getURL() { return ''; }
function getVersion() { return '1.0'; }

so I guess there’s something I’m not seeing here. ??

A little help here?


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