Over the last few years, development of Nucleus CMS has slowed to a standstill. Unfortunately, most of the people who contributed over the years to keep new versions coming out (and the website updated) can no longer do so. After consulting with Wouter Demuynck and other developers, it has been decided to officially sunset Nucleus CMS.

It is saddening to make this decision, but we believe it is a responsible decision. We do not want to foster a false hope that a newer, official release of Nucleus CMS will come. Additionally, the software as it stands needs several updates in order to run properly on modern versions of PHP, so it is best to avoid having people try to install it and fail.

However, all is not lost.

Someone has already taken it upon themselves to fork the Nucleus CMS project and update it to run properly on modern versions of PHP. The project name is LMNucleus and you can find it at You can upgrade to LMNucleus from Nucleus seamlessly. The author has also updated several plugins already.

This website will remain online for the foreseeable future, though in an archived state. The support forums will remain open for a while, but eventually they will be set to read-only and archived like the rest of the site. We will give plenty of notice before that happens.

Many thanks to Wouter Demuynck for the original Nucleus CMS project and to all who contributed to the code, helped on the forum, and made the Nucleus CMS project an enjoyable experience.

Related Projects

LMNucleus: and GitHub.

NucleusCMS@Salvageproject: and GitHub.

Nucleus CMS core: The core code, as it was last under development, is available at Sourceforge. Version 4.0 was in progress when development was last active. Note: development has not been active on this since 2013 and it does not include updates made to LMNucleus.

If you have any Nucleus forks or related repositories, please contact gRegor or Leo and we will update this page.

This message was written by gRegor Morrill and last updated on April 13, 2015.

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